Authentic Michigan Products

Curated just for you.


We’re poring over amazing products daily to curate the perfect little package of unique goods with special stories made right here in the southwest corner of the mitten. We can hardly wait to introduce you to our local makers through these boxes filled with our favorite things and delivered right to your doorstep!

We’re so inspired by the dreamers, the believers, the entrepreneurs and the makers who spend countless hours honing their craft and devoting every ounce of their being to making high quality products right here in the state we love. We want to help tell these stories and share the love that goes into these goods with each and every one of you.

You can find our studio and store in Kalamazoo, Michigan. While we call this city home, we've got mad love for every little nook and cranny up and down our coasts! We're passionate about helping small businesses grow and watching local entrepreneurs make their dreams come true. 

We are women-owned, with the focus on and dedicated to the sustainable and socially responsible community of good, like-minded folks. We work hard and give back.

It's how we do.

Since 2011, our mission as Handmade Kalamazoo has been to market, promote and sell the wares of Kalamazoo makers. We've had five pop-up shops and worked with over 120 makers. Today, we have a permanent shop and are wildly excited to be taking on Mi Makers Box in order to reach and promote makers throughout our great state. Not to mention, introduce them to you!





A MI Makers Box is the perfect gift for your corporate clients, employees or as a thank you to a special group. To inquire about a custom MI Makers Box for a one-time gift order of 15 boxes or more, please complete the form below. We’ll take a look at what you’re hoping to do and get back to you regarding pricing and options!


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