What is Mi Makers Box?

Mi Makers Box is a subscription box service for people who love high quality awesomeness made right here in Michigan. We will introduce you to the makers and their amazing goods in the perfect little package, delivered right to your front door. 


What's in the Makers Box?

The box is packed with awesomeness. Our only job here is to put together a taste of Michigan made, and we promise to bring the heat each time!


How much for something so awesome?

Mi Makers Box is $39.99 + shipping for an individual box and $129.99 for a yearly subscription shipped quarterly.


How can I give this as a gift?

First off, you're the best gift giver! When you fill out the order page just put your recipient’s address in the fields for “Shipping Address”.


When will I get my Makers Box?

For individual boxes, you'll get it the month you ordered it. For yearly subscriptions, you'll receive a box Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. 


Hey, I make things, how can I get my wares in there?

Message us! We wanna know you and we want people to know you!