Van Buren Intermediate School District Paper Production Program

The Spot | Lawrence, MI

The Goods | Custom, Handmade Note Cards

The Story | The Paper Production program at Van Buren Intermediate School District is available to special education students. It provides students with work experience and teaches responsibility, skills and hard work for future employment.

Students attending the Paper Production program utilize a number of materials including recycled paper, to produce unique, handmade note cards. Flowers, coffee grounds, glitter, ribbon and many other materials can be mixed in the paper to add texture and color. The students then utilize a variety of techniques including rubber stamping, embossing and heat to create beautiful handmade products to sell, like wedding invitations and custom note cards that are sure to brighten the day of whoever is lucky enough to be on the receiving end!

How to Get Yours | contact them directly to have the students handcraft your custom printing needs