Michigan Makers

We’re so inspired by the dreamers, the believers, the entrepreneurs and the makers who spend countless hours honing their craft and devoting every ounce of their being to making high quality products right here in the state we love. We want to help tell these stories and share the love that goes into these goods with each and every one of you.


Spring Box - 2017


Little Lumber Jack Design Co. 

Originally from Saginaw, Michigan, founder Ashley Stark set out to create a company that was both fun and hardworking. Little Lumberjack Design Co. creates custom screen prints on cards, posters, wood, whatever! Everything is hand drawn, hand designed and hand printed in Michigan. 

She created the 'new beginnings' card specifically for our Spring box!


Earthenware by Edie

For many years, Edie searched for a way to express herself artistically, and when she found clay, it was a "joyful relief", she said. She creates forms by throwing on a wheel and by hand-building. Working with low-fire earthenware, she specializes in free-style brush work with scraffito, a method of carving through the clay, to add detail to the brushed images.

We hope you fall in love with her little single stem vases, as we have.

You can find Edie's wares at Nature's Connection in Kalamazoo.


Shades of Lavender Farm

Shades of Lavender Farm is a dream come true for owners Scott and Janene. Their dream was to work with the earth and enhance their surroundings. The goal at Shades of Lavender Farm is to create beautiful products that bring people peace and comfort.

In the Spring box, we included their Lavender Sachets and their all natural Exfoliating Bar Soap. We finished off the box with dried lavender from their garden. 


The Perfect Pucker

The Perfect Pucker is a line of handmade skincare products, developed in Kalamazoo, Michigan by Valencia Scott. 

Her Coffee Body Scrub will awaken your senses while exfoliating your skin, improving circulation, and leaving you with smooth skin. 

After the winter we've had, this might be just what your body needs!


Fourth Coast Cafe and Bakery

Just around the corner from our shop and studio is Fourth Coast. A melting pot of Kalamazoo culture, no doubt. Celebrating 20 years of coffee and good times, Fourth Coast Cafe serves gourmet coffee drinks (Michigan roasted, fair trade & organic), loose leaf and packet teas, in-house baked pastries, bread and desserts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We wanted to introduce you to their Macaroon. It has gotten us through many days!